On Thursday, 17th January, my new EP ‘Difficult Conversations’ will be available on all streaming services, iTunes, and a small batch of CDs. Difficult Conversations is a collection of songs that relate to the EP’s title. The songs are about conversations I have played out internally in my head but found them too difficult to approach in actuality. This is why, of course, I decided to share them with as many people as possible through song.

The EP is now available to pre-order on iTunes for a mere £2.50. This will increase to the full value of £5 on the day of the release.

I have compiled a short list of things which you can purchase for the same price of £2.50: Half a pint of lager (you’d be mocked by your mates for ordering a half pint. They’d call you things like weakling, loser and coward). A supermarket meal deal missing either crisps or drink (imagine that, sandwich straight to drink. Sin. Might as well just go home and cry, probably more satisfying for you). 5p short of a medio cappuccino (ask yourself, would you settle for the primo or ask the next person in the queue for a 5 pence piece?). Half of a lego batman keyring (bat trousers or bat torso?). My EP for a limited time only you lucky lucky people.

Robert GodfreyComment