about Rob

Rob Godfrey is a 24-year-old Cambridge based singer-songwriter. His unique sound comes as an amalgamation of folk, jazz, soul and pop, combined with a slightly bitter and twisted outlook on life.

His debut EP ‘So Alive’ was released in February 2016 to consistently positive reviews ("an awesome EP," - Pure M Magazine), the EP went on to reach the top 20 in the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart.

Championed by BBC Introducing and BBC 6, Rob is fast becoming a live favourite with his minimalistic and mesmerizing songs, as well as his unique off-beat covers. His captivating performances earned him festival spots for 2016 at Cambridge Folk Fest and Secret Garden Party and Oxford's Feastival in 2017.



A little while ago now, when the universe was a far simpler place, a sloth was tossed from a nearby galaxy and landed on planet earth. 

The sloth was largely happy most of the time, due to his infatuation with all the foods, ales, tobaccos and women that earth had to offer. However, it would come to pass that every now and then, the sloth would be left alone, deserted by his female counterpart(s). He soon discovered that even all of the food, ale and tobacco in the world could not fill such a chasm. 

In order to cure such a cursed disease, he would carve ornate instruments of the latin variety out of trees and weep sorrowful ballads telling of how hard done by he has been. As to whether this process was an attempt to self-medicate or simply woo himself another partner, there's absolutely no way of telling.

The songs that were birthed from such experiments are often soppy, clichéd, patronising, bitter, cheesy - all of these things topped off with unfathomable amounts of self-pity. Such is the music of Rob Godfrey.