Rob Godfrey
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Due to my inability to compose through periods of satisfaction and happiness, my entire repertoire is formed of bitter rants about ex girlfriends. Whether they leave a sour taste or simply leave, I tend to wield my guitar and let out a battle cry or two.

Disclaimer: all of my ex’s are wonderful women and my accounts are obscenely unfair - out of sheer cold bitterness.
— Rob Godfrey

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Difficult Conversations


Difficult Conversations just dropped. The record itself is reflective angles on breakups and such. If you’re going through a break up then this is the record for you. I mean it’s not going to make you feel better. In fact it’ll almost definitely make things worse. But at least we can revel in our miseries together.

Before I list the credits of those involved with the EP, I’d like to say a massive thank you to producer man Dan Wilde. He’s transformed my material into something I’m proud of, usually I view my music through crippling self doubt. Anyone looking for a visionary producer then look no further than Dan the man.


Produced by Dan Wilde at Gladeside Studios

Mastered by Eric James at Philosophers Barn Mastering

Rob Godfrey - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Double Bass

Dan Wilde - Percussion, Keys

Helen Godfrey - Cello (Track 1)

Bruce Godfrey - Violin (Track 1)

Stephen MacLachlan - Drums (Track 2, 5)

Jake Hatter - Trumpet (Track 2)

Chris Matthewson - Electric Guitar (Track 4)

Sean O’Hanrahan - Keys (Track 5)

Hannah Godfrey - Backing Vocals (Track 5)

Artwork by Joe McCrae

Available from all streaming sites, iTunes, and physical copies from the shop section on this site.


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